Restomod® was established as a spinoff of Gotenman Technology that after years developing classic race and rally cars, decided to export its experience towards the restoration and modernization of iconic classic cars.

The objective is to transform classic cars into powerful exclusive units capable of creating an emotional bond, combining exclusivity, freedom and adrenaline. Its technology and features allow its daily use while its exclusivity opens the doors to the most exclusive events. Unique pieces handcrafted in Spain and England.

Mini Ecoboost

Gotenman Technology together with Restomod® has developed a modern and exclusive drive unit for the classic Mini based on an Ecoboost engine fitted on a unique subframe, specially designed to perform this magical conversion. The subframe has been developed to fit the Mini Ecoboost 1.0 engine in the original Mini engine bay without cutting or modifying the shell. A 100% exclusive and reversible engine conversión for the classic Mini with more than 150hp and a spectacular torque curve. This modern engine gives the classic Mini another dimension in terms of performance, reliability and comfort.

Nace así  The Mini Evolution, el Mini clásico modernizado que está homologado para circular en España.

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Its history, popularity and charm place the Mini as one of the preferred classic cars, but his powertrain from the  60s limits its use. The limited performance, along with their dubious reliability and continuous maintenance, make the Mini owners use them occasionally or for short runs.

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The Mini Evolution out now from 12.500€!

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    We develop replicas of classic, competition and / or unique cars. Through reverse engineering methods we are able to replicate any original component plus we can improve it, optimize it or modify it according to the new specification. If you have always dreamed of a car which value is out of reach or if you already own that car and do not want to risk damaging it, get in touch with us and we will present you with a custom Project to suit your needs.

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    Electromod®, get you classic electric

    If you have a classic vehicle, but want to expand its equipment, modernize its features, improve its reliability and adapt it to the future of electric mobility, at Gotenman Technology we develop custom electric conversion projects. From the inital layout and dimensioning of all the componentes to the fabrication of custom parts to integrate the new electric powertrain to the existing vehicle.

    We also integrate all kinds of modern gadgets making it an exclusive vehicle in which fun and emotion come together in a unique vehicle with the most advanced technology.

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