At Gotenman Electronics we develop and customize information and interaction systems for the driver to improve its performance and driving experience in a simple and intuitive way, according to his specific needs.


display kit

Gear Display Connect allows quick install a gear indicator with a very east plug and play connector.

  • Valid for Suzuki GSXR engines
  • High resistance cover protector available in different colors (red, grey and black)
  • Easy connect through the diagnosis plug
  • Big size screen (65x45mm)
  • No signal error as it reads direct from the engine ECU
  • No blinking
  • High speed signal for sequential gear box

Developed and manufactured in EU. Any further questions are welcome.

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display gearshift

Gear Display logic series compatible with all types of gearboxes that have a engaged gear sensor.

  • Auto-programmable gear display
  • The signal is filtered to avoid blinks and display fails
  • Large size screen (65x45mm)
  • Fast reaction for sequential gearbox
  • Easy, installation, set up and automatic program device
  • Inhouse development and manufacture in Spain.
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Displays racing Race Tech Gotenman

Multifunction LCD Display full programable and configurable with 5 screen section of information that will show the driver all the values and parameters of the engine and other sensors of the vehicle. Race Technology warranty

  • 10 analog configurable imputs (engine, suspension system, sensors…)
  • 4 button and 4 configurable outputs
  • Water resistant IP64 and back lighting
  • 12v power
  • Stopwatch, time by sectors and return time prediction.
  • Switching lights and configurable cutting lights
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