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Gotenman Technology is proud to have participated in the competition team of Jesús Calleja from León, who was victorious in the Baja Aragón Rally of the world championship, where he competed in the T1.2 category, beating the rest of his rivals in a great race while, in the absolute classification finished in 17th position, being also a great result.

Jesús Calleja has been at the controls of a Buggy for the first time and in a test with very hard terrain, in which after the test his feelings have been very positive.

Baja Aragón 2021 Jesús Calleja

The adventurer was “happy” for his participation in the test, assuring that it was “his best result.”

Gotenman Technology returns to its origins in competition by carrying out numerous projects within the rallycross, autocross and carcross categories.

Racing on gravel defies all engineering principles for racing and many theories do not apply. The experience of the manufacturers, the design and the development and measurement technology that we master, together with the principle of trial and error, have allowed us to successfully develop numerous projects and products, among which the WORLDCROSSCAR projects stand out .

World Cross Car Racing

The WORLDCROSSCAR project was born as a result of the promotion that the FIA is carrying out of the Carcross category worldwide, renaming it as Crosscar . (FIA)

This category makes up the missing rung in the development and promotion pyramid for rally drivers. The Crosscar requires great skill behind the wheel to maintain control of the vehicle on all types of terrain and to manage the continuous racing hauls. Competitiveness and adrenaline in its purest form. (Know more)

Together with the manufacturer Yacarcross we developed and manufactured a new tubular chassis that more than met the requirements of the FIA ​​while optimizing its weight and geometry for the new WXC Slider model. Discover it here!

Car Cross


What makes us different? At Gotenman Technology we think like you because our team of engineers and developers are drivers who are used to the world of motorsport. We have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to design, prototype and manufacture custom-made vehicles. These are some of the models that we have developed during the last couple years.

porsche 911 racing

Porsche 911 SC

Tubular chassis and fiberglass body that are equipped with a 1,340 cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine, with rear propulsion for an estimated power of 205 hp.

MINI VTEC RWD Supercharged – “Lucy”

A tubular structure is integrated into the classic Mini shell making it as safety as posible. Lucy is fitted with a Vtec K20a2 engine and a volumetric compressor that delivers 380 hp of power.

LANCIA 037 HAYABUSA AWD Spaceframe “Fiona”

What better idea than to replicate a legendary rally car like the Lancia 037 and fit it with a more modern high-performance drivetrain. The Hayabusa engine placed behind the seats in longitudinal position distributes the torque to both axles making the all Wheel drive car a powerful light vehicle perfect for rally or rallycross.


Developed together with the students of Nebrija University, this Mini has a spaceframe tubular chassis and a fiberglass shell. The Hayabusa 211cv engine transfers the torque to the wheels via a custom differential developed by Gotenman Technology. Its low weight and high power make it an aspirant in virtually any type of competition.

MINI FWD 16V – “Heri”

Tubular front subframe that allows the perfect fitting of the popular Opel 2.0 16v engine called C20xe. The independent throttle bodies and the exhaust system together with the programable control unit allowed us to increase its performance to 186hp without any additional modification.