Programmable solid-state control panel with 6 channels. Program the operating mode of each output as instantaneous or continuous operation. Forget about relays and fuses in your vehicle!


This solid state switch panel will simplify your wiring. It has been designed and developed to offer the driver fast and effective control system of the different functions of the sports car. This Plug & Play simple installation switch panel has become part of the essential equipment of many professional drivers in the Rally cross and Cross car race competition, such Yacarcross in Spain. Discover it potential!

switch panel. Panel de control 6c gotenman

This solid state switch panel will simplify your wiring. No more relays or fuses. Easy to install as a plug and play device.

  • 6 programmable outputs
  • Solid state technology (no relays)
  • Humidity and water splashes resistent
  • LED backlight
  • Automatic reset in case of short circuit
  • Universal and easy installation
  • Supplementary articulated bracket

Download user manual HERE

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